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Founded in 2003 by a mother and daughter who believed in the power of natural skin care. They created products inspired by the Brazilian rainforest and searched for the latest technology to bring the best possible results. Years later, they are still in love with skin care and making people feel and look their best. 

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Rainforest offers their own natural, organic line with the best locally sourced ingredients. None of the products are tested on animals and there are no harsh chemicals. 

They also offer many other lines with the best possible ingredients that fight acne, pigmentation, and fine lines to keep your skin looking amazing. 

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After my first LED facial, I noticed my skin looked a lot brighter. After I got home from the facial, the migraine I was suffering from completely disappeared! It was incredible. - Sarah O.

Mariza and Natalia love using technology in facials and all kinds of products with natural ingredients. I always look younger after the facial! Since my job involves working in front of people, I always go to them to make sure I look good for my customers. - Sean R.